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John 4:-15 "The woman saith unto him, Sir, give me this water, that I thirst not, neither come hither to draw."


“Give Me to Drink”

As a young boy my parents would often take us to visit my Mother’s Aunt who lived in the country. It was a beautiful place and full of life. Behind her home was a stream that flowed continuously. On a hot day if one approached the densely wooded area where the stream flowed one could feel the refreshing coolness of the water.  Most importantly on a hot and humid day just a drink of water would quench even the thirstiest soul. 

The text tell us “Jesus must needed to go through Samaria” for he was on a direct course to Jerusalem. There at a well given as a gift from Jacob he meets a woman and request a drink from the well of Jacob. This was a strange request because in that day Jewish men did not speak to woman who were first of all  a Samaritan or deemed  a sinner. But Jesus always supersedes the norm this anointed one came not to build barriers but to tear them down. For Jesus is the good news and the message he carries is not just for a secluded group but for everyone who claims God as their Father including this Samaritan woman.

The water is a moving force that creates changes, promotes belief and satisfies the thirstiest soul. “

Give me to drink” is what she asked that I may never thirst again, never will there be a need for me to return to this well a gift from Jacob to drink. She has missed the meaning in Jesus’ statement but he makes it plain “Give me to drink “ is but the beginning of  change into a new life that springs into a flowing stream that refreshes, gives hope  and makes the possible to be lead by the Holy Spirit. If you are thirsting for a change in your life try Jesus , walk with him, talk to him and you will be surprised at the spring of living water that will flow into your life that will lead others to this same source of living water.  And you will become a witness to run and tell others to “Come and See Man that told me all about myself.”