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                                                                                         MiHi Manner for t Week 

Our Mihi Manner for the Week is "After the Benediction" Mark 14:22-28

The benediction is normally given after the curtain has been drawn for the last appearance. Yet even before the lights are out or the doors are closed and all have left the stage the real work has not ended because behind the scenes the real work begins and those who remain must prepare for the upcoming saga in other words there is still work going on. Let me bring it a little closer after the preacher has preached, the deacon has prayed, the doors to the church are opened and the last hymn has been sung there is still the benediction. The benediction is a blessing, or the expression of a blessing. It’s a calling down of God’s goodness upon his people. In the book of Numbers a priestly benediction was given to bless God’s people “The Lord bless thee and keep thee: the Lord make his face to shine upon thee.” The Apostle Paul in just about ever Epistle ended it with a blessing “2 Cor. The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Ghost, be with you all.” Here in this book of Mark the Bible tells us that after the Lord’s Supper they sung a hymn and went out into the Mount of Olives.   

This story brings to remembrance a childhood show called “Mission Impossible!” The individual was given a mission to complete normally it was a mission that no one else wanted to except but because of the confidence or trust in the individual it was known that the task at hand would be complete. Interestingly enough the device with the recorded voice of the messenger who gave specific instructions had a self-destructing mechanism so that no one would know the intricacies of the mission.  To start the mission the individual would then select a chosen few to fulfill the task that no one else was willing to accept. The few who were chosen or assigned the task would work together to complete the task no matter the complications that ensued even when they were made aware of the upcoming dangers they would face for the mission must be completed even at all cost. It was only the chosen few who had been given the insight, the knowledge and the skills of what the mission entailed and how to complete the mission. Ever-so often the onlooker was unaware that the mission had been completed until a celebration ensued and the closing words strolled across the screen in the form of a  Benediction!! Though we celebrate the empty tomb as a signature of sacrifice and salvation in the covering of our sinful nature the real celebration has not begun until all have come to the knowledge of the one who gave his all that we may live. Therefore I declare to you that on this Lord ’s Day that our mission and the work must continue behind the scenes until the day the Lord returns. For as Jesus has already said I will go before you! Jesus has already paid the cost and bestowed the blessings of the Father upon us that we may continue the work until the Day of the Lord. 

Our Manner for this week "After the Beneditction"